Code of Conduct

JavaScriptMN is an organization dedicated to building an inclusive local technology community in Minnesota, and to grassroots sharing of technical knowledge on the JavaScript programming language and related technologies.

To support that mission, JavaScriptMN has adopted a Code of Conduct to ensure that all members of our community are treated with the respect they deserve. Every JavaScriptMN member, presenter, attendee, vendor, and sponsor will be held to this standard.

JavaScriptMN Code of Conduct

All JavaScriptMN members, presenters, attendees, sponsors, or business partners are expected to be respectful of one another at all times. All forms of harassment, particularly harassment related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, or physical appearance, will not be tolerated.

Should a JavaScriptMN member engage in harassing activities, they will be removed from the group. If harassment happens at a JavaScriptMN-sponsored event, the harassing party will be asked to leave the event. No refund will be given if any fee was collected. Any person engaged in harassing behavior online will be removed from the group. Any vendor or sponsor engaging in harassing activities will not be allowed to sponsor or receive funds from JavaScriptMN in the future.

Examples of Prohibited Behavior

This is an incomplete list of behaviors that will not be tolerated from JavaScriptMN members, presenters, attendees, sponsors, or business partners:

  • Using sexual imagery or language in presentations or printed material
  • Tweeting sexual comments at members, presenters, or attendees
  • Physically threatening any member, presenter, or anyone else
  • Using online communication channels or social networks to harass members, presenters or anyone else outside of JavaScriptMN-sponsored events Other harassing behavior will also be dealt with using the policy guidelines above.

Proactive Behavior

In addition to these negative guidelines, we also encourage members to take proactive steps to ensure fair treatment and inclusiveness in our industry. Members of JavaScriptMN resolve to:

  • Actively speak out against racist, gendered, or overtly discriminatory language and behavior by colleagues in our field, if and when it happens.
  • Seek out opportunities to build and support diversity in our local tech community.

We thank you for joining us in building a better and more inclusive technology community!