Speak at JSMN

If you have something you think would be great for the group, consider the opportunity to beef up your public speaking skills and hone your understanding of the tech topic at hand by giving a talk at an upcoming meetup. Get in front of the biggest tech meetup in the state to be seen and heard by fellow coders, coworkers, recruiters, and grow your presence in the Twin Cities tech community.

Email us about your idea!

Speaker Questionnaire

We ask that those speaking at our meetup prepare answers to the following questions so that we may better prepare our members for their presentation.

  1. What is the title for your presentation?
  2. What is a brief description of your talk?
  3. How will this improve how people work with JavaScript?
  4. What is one thing people should know beforehand to better understand this talk?
  5. What are pre-meetup resources that individuals should check out?
  6. What information about you would you like to share (bio, links, contact info?)