Sponsorship Opportunities

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$250 / year

Support our community!

What's included

  • Website: Link & Logo on Sponsor page
  • YouTube: End of video slide with others in this category
  • Meetups: Joint slide with other sponsors at this level


$1,000 / year

Contribute to our community!

What's included

  • Website: Prominent link & logo on sponsor page
  • Meetups: Announcement of thanks by host with joint slide representing other sponsors from this category
  • YouTube: Joint slide in video pre-roll with others from this category and link to website in the description
Best Value


$2,500 / year

Join our community at the highest contribution tier and show that your organization rocks!

What's included

  • Website: Link & Logo on front page (and sponsor page)
  • Meetups: Dedicated standalone slide with thanks and description of services by host at the start of the meetup & website link on Meetup.com
  • YouTube: 15 Second Video Intro with standalone slide (including link in description)